// Metal Recycling in Bristol | Covering Yate, Avonmouth and the Surrounding Areas

Recycling is the most sustainable metal disposal method. If you have scrap metal to get rid of, taking it to a licensed scrap metal merchant for recycling is the most eco-friendly option and allows you to make some extra money. At Manor Scrap Co (Fishponds) Ltd, we accept metal from domestic, commercial and industrial customers across Bristol, Avonmouth, Yate and the nearby areas. We are proud to be the leading local provider of metal recycling services – just see what our customers say!

With two depots in Bristol, both of which have recycling facilities, we can recycle as much as possible to keep waste out of landfill, always aiming to recycle up to 100% of the metal we collect or receive. Furthermore, we pay top prices where we can. Prices fluctuate depending on the market, but we watch these daily to give you the best possible price we can.

Please note that to recycle metal with us, you must provide ID. This can be in the form of a valid UK photocard driving license or passport, accompanied by proof of address (utility bill or bank statement).


// Scrap Metal Processing

We process several hundred tonnes of scrap metal per week at our Bristol sites. In line with current legislation, we provide paperwork and Waste Transfer Notes that document the tonnage and price of your scrap metal. Our team quickly sorts, processes and recycles scrap metal.

Manor Scrap Co is a scrap metal merchant that is continually expanding and investing. Alongside our general objective to divert as much waste as possible from landfill through efficient metal recycling, we aim to increase the amount of scrap metal we process each week (from 250 tonnes to 500 tonnes). Our plan to achieve this involves continued expert consultancy, scrap collection, providing market-leading prices, and reaching more clients across Bristol.

Our company purchases, collects and accepts all types of scrap metal from businesses, contractors, manufacturers, trade clients and the general public in Bristol, Avonmouth, Yate and the nearby areas.

Sustainable Metal Disposal and Other Benefits of Metal Recycling

As metal cannot biodegrade quickly, it is important to prevent it from going to landfill sites. The best way to do this is through metal recycling.

  • Reduces demand for virgin materials

  • Helps reduce the need for high-energy extraction and manufacturing processes

  • Minimises the amount of waste that goes to landfill

  • We can recycle metal over and over again

  • Selling metal to a scrap metal merchant creates extra personal or business profit

  • Recycling scrap metal helps boost business sustainability credentials

Please get in touch for more information about scrap metal processing and its benefits.


Support Your Local Dealer

For metal recycling in Bristol, Yate and Avonmouth, call 0117 977 5095 (Feeder Road), 0117 926 5693 (Jubilee Street) or 0117 971 2056 (Commercial Scrap Skip Service).