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Information on Scrap Copper
Copper is a valuable metal that has been used over many thousands of years, since the Copper Age. Because it is malleable, durable and conducts electricity, its uses in the modern world are wide ranging, including in electronics, plumbing and even architecture. For this reason, people should be mindful of the waste they throw away because the contents could contain valuable copper Bristol, which can be sold to a business like ours, Manor Scrap, at competitive prices.

How scrap copper is recycled
The process of turning scrap copper into copper that can be used for new products in the future begins with determining its purity. Once this is established, the copper can be melted down or refined, depending on the results of the inspection. To remove impurities, refineries dissolve the copper in sulphuric acid, followed by electrolysis to finish off the process. Following on from any purification, the molten copper is cast into moulds to be used in future products.

Where does scrap copper come from?
A lot of waste thrown away contains copper, and some of this can be classed as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), which is a unique category of waste protected by regulations in the UK. Most of the items that come under these regulations require electricity or batteries to function, and this means the items often contain copper that can be salvaged by people selling copper. These include household appliances (large and small), IT equipment and consumer devices such as radios and TVs.

Why recycling is good for the environment
The more copper that is recycled, the less need there is for it to be mined and refined, which helps the environment. This is because during these two processes, waste is produced in the form of dust and gases, including sulphur dioxide, which is potentially harmful to the environment. In the case of recycling, there are no such environmental concerns.

Manor Scrap Purchasing and Recycling
At Manor Scrap, if you are selling copper, we can accept it in all its forms, from factories, commercial settings, domestic households and the industry. The prices we offer for copper Bristol rival any other company offering these services, and you will be dealing with depots that comply with all the relevant environmental legislation and licenses. We also offer a commercial skip service, collect items and clear properties.

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